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The Removable Light for Longboards and Skateboards

BOARDLIGHT™ is not yet in production.

This exciting new product is in
final product development.
Prototypes are working great.

Now we need funding.

An attempt was made
to raise funds on Kickstarter,

but there was a surprising lack of support.

You can still see details about BOARDLIGHT™ on

Please CONTACT us with

Product Suggestions

or Funding Suggestions.

View Press Release 1.

View Press Release 2.


Video – see the BOARDLIGHT™ in action

Endless Night (Robbero Mix) by Robbero and PLEASE, KEEP CALM.. Dj set by Psytrack (Psynergy Tribe) are licensed under Attribution (3.0)

04_NewBracket_3554.JPG BoardLight-view.JPG

Installation is simple.

No modifications to your board.

Just install the bracket
on existing bolts for your trucks.

(Slotted holes fit old-school and new-school.)

Then the light snaps on
and off easily.


Also fits on drop-through boards


and standard skateboards


and you can even put it on TOP!

RedWhite-Board_0466.JPG RedWhite_Moon_0486.JPG RiderViewWhite_0498.JPG

White light for the Front

Red light for the Rear

Rider's view. Designed for others to see you, but still helps between street lights.

Click to Zoom

Click to Zoom

Even when the sun is down?

How about in those shadows?

Are you sure those cars coming behind you are going to see you?

Do you spend more time looking BACK than where you're going?

You need a Rear BOARDLIGHT™

Does that car up ahead see you coming?   
Or is it going to pull out right in front of you?  Or make a left turn right in front of you?

You need a Front BOARDLIGHT™

3 High Brightness LEDs
make the
easily visible
half a mile away!

With a booster circuit, using the
latest surface mount technology,
a single AA battery
drives the LEDs at constant
brightness for about 15 hours.
In FLASH mode, the AA battery
lasts about 22 hours.

Some cities have ordinances prohibiting any skateboarding after sunset, or sometimes 30 minutes after sunset.  So, just because these lights will make you SAFER, that does NOT mean it is legal or safe to board when it's getting dark.  These lights are great to be seen in daylight, but if you choose to skate when it's dark, you do so at your own risk.

Skateboarding can be very dangerous; not being seen is the biggest danger.

Many people die every year because somebody did not see a skateboarder.  

See a memorial list created for many of those who have died:  In Memory

BOARDLIGHT™ would make boarding safer.

But funds are not yet available to go to production.
An attempt was made to raise funds on Kickstarter,
but there was not enough support.

PLEASE contact us if you have suggestions
that would make this product more popular
or if you represent or know of a company
willing to partner with or sponsor BOARDLIGHT™.

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